Kangana Hits Back At Sanjay Raut; Tells Him ‘You Are Not Maharashtra’

Kangana Ranaut has hit back at Sanjay Raut for his abusive comment on her. Earlier today, the actress expressed her message through a video posted on her social media account.

The War of Words

It all started when Kangana Ranaut said that she does not feel safe with the protection of the Mumbai Police. To this, Sanjay Raut asked Kangana to not step into Mumbai and even requested the Home Ministry to take action against her.


Kangana came back and said that she gets a feeling of Pok in Mumbai with open-threats on display. Shiv Sena leaders were particularly triggered by this comparison. Citing that she has disrespected Shivaji Raj and Maharashtra, Sanjay Raut went on to call her a ‘Haramkhor’. It is here that Raut also received major criticism in the media.

Kangana hits back at Sanjay Raut

In a video posted today, the ‘Queen’ actress hit back at the comments made by the Shiv Sena leader. She said: “Sanjay ji, I have full freedom of expression I have the freedom to go anywhere in my country. I am free.

She added, “Sanjay Raut ji, you abused me. Do you know the number of rapes in this country and how women are treated? And do you know who is responsible? It is a mentality like yours… Daughters of this country won’t forgive you. I have praised Mumbai Police in the past but when I criticize them, condemn them, it is my freedom of expression. When Aamir Khan spoke about intolerance, no one abused him. I condemn you and your thoughts. I am coming on September 9, and you are threatening me. Will see you. Jai Hind


Source: Republic World