Kabul Gurudwara Attack: The Indian Attacker Says He Did It For The ‘Kashmiri Muslims’

Gurudwara Attack in Kabul
Gurudwara Attack in Kabul

In a shocking revelation, it is said that one of the Indian attackers, in the recent attack on the Gurudwara in Kabul, did it for the ‘Kashmiri Muslims’.

A few days, a group of three terrorists attacked a Gurudwara in Kabul, killing 25 Sikh worshippers. The attackers also lost their lives in the gun-battle with the Afghan forces, in which 80 hostages were freed.


The Islamic State publishes the name of the attackers

In its propaganda magazine, The Islamic State published the names of the attackers, including the picture of one of them.

On closer introspection by the Kerala Police, it was revealed that the man in the picture is from Kerala, who had apparently died in June 2018. Muhammad Musin from Kasargod has been named as Abu Khalid al-Hindi by the IS in its publication.

Kabul Attack
Muhammad Musin was shown brandishing a rifle with the flag of the Islamic State in the background

NIA gets in touch with Musin’s family

The NIA verified that the man in the picture is indeed Musin, by verifying with his family in Kasargod. Surprisingly, the 28-year-old does not feature in any of NIA’s existing records of Indian recruits and his family has also not filed a ‘missing’ complaint on him.


The group did it for the ‘Muslims in Kashmir’

The Islamic State further stated that “This attack comes as a revenge for the Muslims in Kashmir, and what is coming is more devastating and bitter, with permission from Allah the Almighty.” The group also highlighted the ‘Indian’ attacker’s significant role in this attack.