Kerala skin care center issues an apology for using Morgan Freeman’s picture to showcase skin diseases

Vadakara cooperative hospital at Kozhikode in Kerala has issued an apology after it used the picture of popular American actor Morgan Freeman in their advertisement. The very advertisement hints at the fact the person in the image has skin ailments and is racially not the best looking.

The issue

The copy read of offering treatment for skin diseases for people having such ailments and skin diseases. No sooner did the issue come to light, the hospital authority was forced to remove it and provide an apology. T Sunil, the marketing manager of the hospital in an interview has said that the issue has risen only due to ignorance and the hospital has no intentions to defame the actor.


The hospital faced strong criticism especially on the internet after many people shared the photos of the controversial ad on social media. Twitteratis were more concerned with the usage of the actor’s portrait and even tagged Morgan Freeman himself!

While some even pointed out the racial discrimination that has become rampant in present days.

To those who are unaware, Morgan Freeman is a very popular Hollywood actor who has starred in films like Shawshank Redemption, The Contract, The Bucket List among others.