As Kabul Falls To Taliban, Burqa Shops Of Afghanistan Gets Busy

Today Afghanistan is facing one of the worst periods in their history of Independence as the militant Islamic group Taliban has taken control of the Presidential palace and almost the entire country.In the meantime US and other western countries are rushing to evacuate their citizens and leaving the poor Afghanis to their fate. A week-long terror was spread in the entire nation and the President itself fled to Tajikistan to seek a refuge;leaving back his fellow people to suffer the dire situations of the country.

Burqa Shops Became Busy Once Again

As Afghanistan fell to Taliban , old 90s traditions are set to resume where the so called “conservative” Talibanis ask their womens to compulsorily wear Burqa.This was among one of the traditions which Taliban fokwed arlier when they were in power.


On Monday morning, it was seen that university professors were gathered in private places along with their female students to deliver a final goodbye.As education to women is forbidden under Taliban and many students who are on the verge of getting degree this year will fall short of completing the course.

When restaurants,educational institutions were completely shut, Burqa shop owners were on full mood to ramp up their business as hopefully Burqa would be one of the booming business in Afghanistan in near future.

A Burqa shop in Kabul

Afghani Youths On Transition Of Power

Aisha Khurran one of the 22 year old youth from Afghanistan says that;”I am seeing a lot of women did not experience the previous Taliban and are saying that they will not wear the oppressive dress and adhere to the new power.I don’t know what will happen to this younger generations of women,who are very brave and brilliant but now all of them are sitting at home wondering what will happen.This younger generation is the real future of modern Afghanistan.


Despite the real risk more Afghans are continuing to speak out,with some like, a lecturer form American University in Afghanistan lecturer tweeted directly to a Talibani spokesperson that;” Afghans are done being victims.Afghan women will not hide.we will not be afraid.He also added that the glare of whole world is on Afghanistan , on Kabul,on Taliban right  now and will witness all their actions.

Whole Afghanistan is on the verge of a complete breakdown and many citizens are pouring from parts of the country to Kabul to evade this draconian rule, however Taliban has closed the International boundaries and transportation; the Internet of the whole country along with electricity is also barred for days now.