Isha’s Cauvery Calling Campaign: Sadhguru To Address Public Gathering In Bengaluru On September 8

cauvery calling

Founder of Isha Foundation, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has launched the campaign “Cauvery Calling” with the view to revitalizing the drying river Cauvery. The effort has been appreciated and supported by farmers, academics and agri-experts.

The first of its kind campaign is expected to set standards for how the rivers in India can be revitalized. The campaign will initiate the revitalization process of the Cauvery river thereby contributing towards transforming the lives of 84 million people.


Program To Enable Farmers Plant 242 Crore Saplings 

The program will help the farmers’ plant 242 crore saplings in the Cauvery basin that spans a large area in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The huge afforestation carried out in this way will increase the capacity of the river’s basin to hold water and it will also increase the wealth of the farmers by three to eight times in a short span of five to seven years.

Even though the farmers have been feeding the nation, there has not been much improvement in their socioeconomic status in the last seven decades. It is believed that the partial conversion of farming to tree-based agriculture will give a boost to their income as their basic needs would be fulfilled by the high-value trees. 

Cauvery Calling Campaign: Sadhguru To Address Public On Sept. 8 In Bengaluru.
Courtesy: Deccan

Valluvan, a pioneer of agroforestry farming in Tamil Nadu said that his experiments with inter-cropping based on the guidance provided by Isha Agro-Forestry has helped him yield good returns in over a decade. Over the years, the groundwater level in farmland has also increased due to this inter-cropping and wells that earlier were dried are now filling up.


Tamil Maran, an Isha agroforestry coordinator said that since the start of August they started an intensive on-ground farmer outreach program that covered thousands of villages in both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Through this activity, the volunteers reached more than 60,000 farmers bringing awareness about the “Cauvery Calling” campaign. 

Sadhguru To Address Public In Bengaluru On Sept. 8

To add momentum to this campaign, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev will lead a two-week motorcycle rally from the source of Cauvery at Talacauvery to Thiravarur where the river merges with the ocean. As a part of the rally, Sadhguru will address a public gathering at Tripura Vasini. Palace Grounds, Bangalore on September 8, at 5.30 pm.

Sadhguru will also address public gatherings at other places in Karnataka.