Cauvery Calling Blooms in Bengaluru; More than 4000 Volunteers Greet Motorists With Blue Placards

cauvery calling in bengaluru

It was one of those once in a blue morning for Bengalureans when they woke up to more than 4000 volunteers greeting motorists with blue placards. All across the city blue bloomed with the volunteers lining up across the city streets in 10 regions carrying the placards. 

cauvery calling in bengaluru

Determined Plea To Save Dying River Cauvery

Despite participation by volunteers in such a huge number, there was no disruption or chaos. The determined volunteers lined the streets of Bengaluru and urged everyone to save the dying Cauvery river which has been the primary source of drinking water for most of the Bengalurueas. The team of volunteers that also included the participation of students from 48 colleges in Bengaluru were making a plea to save the dying river.

Isha Foundation founder, Sadhguru launched the Cauvery Calling campaign in July this year with the view to restore the depleted flow levels of the Cauvery river. The campaign will enable the farmers located close to the Cauvery basin plant around 242 crore trees. Through this economically beneficial model, the farmers will plant these trees on their own farmlands which are expected to make a positive ecological impact on the surroundings.

cauvery calling in bengaluru
Sadhguru – B S Yediyurappa

These trees with the ability to hold water will recharge the groundwater levels and augment source flow in the river. Sadhguru already had a discussion with Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yediyurappa regarding this campaign and the latter has promised to offer full cooperation for it. 

Placards And Interactions Give Boost To Campaign 

Early at 7:30 in the morning, the volunteers took to the street carrying placards that carried information about how citizens can contribute to this movement to save the Cauvery river. Curious passersby and motorists stopped and interacted with the volunteers and asked questions. They were given leaflets and offered details about the campaign. 

cauvery calling in bengaluru

The Bengaluru Traffic Police had permitted a time span of 2 hours to the volunteers for carrying out the activity across Bengaluru. The police officials also interacted with the volunteers and tried to learn more about the cause.  

cauvery calling in bengaluru

A free event is to be held on 8 September at Tripura Vasini Palace Grounds at 5.30 pm on Cauvery Calling in Bengaluru. This event will be addressed by Sadhguru.

Visit to know more and contribute to saving Cauvery. It just takes Rs.42 per tree.




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