‘Is Rhea Being Framed?’, Asks Swara Bhasker After Sharing A Chat Of Sushant’s Sister And Shruti Modi

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Courtesy: YouTube.com

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker has released a WhatsApp chat between Rhea Chakraborty and Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Neetu Singh.

In the chats released, there can be seen the prescriptions of pills like Serta and Clonotril. The prescriptions mention that Sushant needs to take medicines for days. The name of the psychiatrist was also mentioned in the chat. With sharing the chat, Swara Bhasker claimed that Rhea had sent a message to Sushant’s sister about his mental health back in 2019 November. She also alleged that Rhea is being framed. She wrote,


“Hey, Voyeurs & Shameless conscience-less anchors! Chat proves #RheaChakraborty had informed the family about the mental health of SSR way back in 2019. Why did all the high decibel, screaming shouting anchors conveniently ignore this story? Does it seem like Rhea is being framed?”

Rhea Chakraborty (8)

Earlier the actress had previously said that Rhea Chakraborty is being treated unfairly by the media. She had also claimed that she is being treated worse than terrorist Ajmal Kasab. She wrote on her Twitter,

“I don’t think even #Kasab was subjected to the kind of witch-hunt on media & media trial that #RheaChakraborty is being subjected to! Shame on Indian Media. Shame on us for being toxic voyeuristic public consuming this poisonous hysteria. #RheaDrugChat #SushantSinghRajput”

Vivek Agnihotri Dismisses Mental Health

Over the course of three months, there have been several reports that suggest that the actor was dealing with mental health issues including depression. This has also divided the internet. While people on one hand have asked people to speak up about their mental health issues, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has dismissed the narrative altogether. He took to Twitter and wrote,

“Bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder, depression, etc are all fancy words given by psychiatrists who don’t wish to work on the emotional health of the patient and earn money only through drug prescription! Simple! We all have all of the above on a normal basis. Families are the best psychiatrists. They take away most of our psychological pressures. They are like shock absorbers. A loving family that communicates a lot laughs a lot and eats together can keep many psychological problems away.”