SSR Case: CBI Witness Speaks Out; Exposes Rhea’s Lies In Various Matters

The investigation by CBI in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case is underway, and so far, there has been little that the agency has revealed about the findings. However, one of the witnesses of CBI has come out and spoken in the media.

Sushant’s driver speaks out

Dhirendra Yadav, who worked as Sushant’s driver for some time said: “He never took any drugs then. He wasn’t depressed back then. He always worked wearing suits. He played badminton, table tennis, and cricket. He was always happy and spoke very nicely with all of us. He was never depressed. He always followed his schedule. He used to swim. There was no sign of depression. He sometimes used to drive his cars. We used to follow him. Sometimes, we used to drive, and he used to sit.


Dhirendra had accompanied Sushant in film shoots of ‘Kedarnath’, ‘Chhichhore’, and ‘Drive’. Talking about the actor’s relationship with his family, Sushant’s former driver said: “He had a good relationship with his family. Priyanka didi and his brother-in-law used to visit him. They used to visit him when I was around. Priyanka didi was even present during Chhichhore’s shoot. His brother-in-law was also there.

rhea chkraborthy sushanth

Dhirendra Yadav talks about Sushant’s drug habits

He said that as per his knowledge, Sushant never consumed drugs from October 2018 till April 2019, the time during which he was working for the actor. Talking about Sushant’s mental stability, he said: “That man can never commit suicide. He can never do that because he lived a good life. He used to keep himself busy most of the time.

With this, many revelations by Rhea Chakraborty seem to carry a sense of doubt. Nevertheless, we cannot arrive at a conclusion at the moment, and only time will offer us more details.


Courtesy: Republic TV