Fact Check: Crocodile Swimming In Waterlogged Streets In Bengaluru

The news today is all about the rains that lashed Bengaluru last night. The entire city is waterlogged and the authorities are having a tough time clearing the water. Amid all this, a video is going viral on social media where a crocodile is seen entering the city due to the rains.

Crocodile in Bengaluru?

Bengaluru is facing heavy rains these days. Waterlogging on the roads has increased the problems of the citizens. The city experienced traffic bottlenecks, power outages, and flooded houses as a result of additional rain during an unusually heavy monsoon season.


With many areas still flooded a video has gone viral on social media where a crocodile is seen making its way into the city due to Waterlogging.

In the video, the crocodile is swimming through the streets. People are seen standing on the rooftops watching the reptile.

It is now learned that this incident is true, but the video is not from Bengaluru. While exploring through Google we found out that this video is from Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh.


The Google image search guided us to a post on Twitter with the video that is being shared. It was posted on August 14 2022 by a Twitter user Pankaj Arora. He posted the video with the caption ‘crocodile in Shivpuri MP.’ This video was shot when heavy rains lashed out in Madhya Pradesh last month.

As it has rained heavily in Bengaluru and most of the roads are flooded, the video that is being circulated with the claim that a crocodile entered the city is incorrect.