India’s savage reply to Khalistan supporters for disrespecting Tricolor in UK ‘wins Internet’

Videos of pro-Khalistan protesters outside the Indian high commission in the UK had gone viral on social media. Amidst chants of Khalistan zindabad, a protestor climbed onto the flagpole outside the door and brought down the Indian flag without any hindrance from any security personnel.

Khalistan supporters in London

In a protest by Khalistan supporters at the High Commission of India in London, a protestor on Sunday climbed the mission’s balcony and pulled down the Indian flag.


In a viral video of the incident, a man is seen on the balcony bringing down the Indian flag. Toward the end of the video, a man believed to be an Indian official comes to the balcony from inside the mission and seizes the flag before the protestor could do any further destruction.

Responding strongly to the breach of security at the Indian mission, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) summoned British Deputy High Commissioner Christina Scott in New Delhi to register its protest.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan and British High Commissioner Alex Ellis later condemned the vandalism at the Indian mission.


In a tweet, Khan said, “I condemn the violent disorder and vandalism that took place at the Indian High Commission today. There is no place in our city for this kind of behavior. An investigation has been launched by the Met into today’s events.”

Ellis tweeted that the act was “totally unacceptable” and “disgraceful”.

The savage Reply

Now, the Indian High Commission in London has responded to Khalistan supporters, who tried to replace the Tricolour with the Khalistan flag, in a grand way.


A picture of a massive Indian National Flag, flying on the Indian mission’s building has now gone viral. This comes hours after India summoned the UK diplomat and scolded her for the absence of British security and the ‘indifference’ shown by the UK Government.

Netizens are also lauding the boldness of the Indian official, who pulled the Khalistan flag from the miscreant who took down the Indian flag.