You Should Definitely Head to Candy Cloud Factory – Bengaluru’s First Cotton Candy Themed Cafe

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Anything that takes us back in time gives us a good feeling. It could be the streets we used to travel when we were kids, the corridors of our schools, our childhood toys or maybe even the food we used to enjoy a long time ago. Hey! Wait for a minute. Food? We can enjoy them now as well right? Yes, Of course, but what if those food items are hardly available now?

This is exactly the point four 19-year-old Bengaluru students are addressing with their product. And guess what these young entrepreneurs are trying to get us back from time? Cotton Candy! This savory is now restricted to the malls and a few shops in the city but with the Candy Cloud Factory located in Koramangala, this problem is about to end soon. With a whole new bunch of lip-smacking variants and surprising modifications, they are actually offering us a sweeter solution to the problem. Just head to this small joint located on the Jyoti Nivas College Road in Kormangala any time between 12 pm and 11:30 pm on any day of the week and trust us, you would be amazed by this sojourn.


Desserts Galore

Although you do have a few options to chose burgers or fries, Candy Cloud Factory deals mainly in offering unique, interesting and innovative desserts at their restaurant. The menu is mainly categorized into 7 groups of which each of them is special in its own way and of course, over-qualified to satisfy your taste buds. As suggested by the title itself, Cotton Candy is marketed as the flagship product here.

However, the management has given a twist to the cotton candies by transforming them into “Cotton Candy Burritos” which is probably something you would have not tasted something before. Biscoff, Oreo, Unicorn, and Mocha are some of the variants of these burritos of which we would recommend you to try the Unicorn. Garnished with fruit pebbles and nuts, the amalgamation of cotton candy, strawberry ice-cream and bubble gum ice-cream will surely make you forget your calorie count for the day. Not to forget, the Freak Shakes and the Cereal Milkshakes (Cereals imported from the US) is also a perfect way to get yourself indulged.

A Short Visit to London

A Theme-Based restaurant, Candy Cloud Factory boasts of an impressive infrastructure that could give you the feels of gorging on your desserts at one of the streets in London. The reason for this is the see-through door and a small ceiling garden which you can find at the start of this joint. The green and pink color combination of this place also succeed in achieving the perfect soothing ambiance to enjoy your food.


The restaurant can accommodate close to 20 people at a time with the food being served across 5 tables. The service is quick, efficient and if you have any queries regarding what goes into making these ingenious products, the staff is always at your service.


Almost every item on the menu is something which is usually not available anywhere across our city. Unlike the other dessert-serving restaurants in Bengaluru, the management of Candy Cloud Factory has made sure that the process behind the making of each dish has been neatly thought over until the finest minute detail. For the experience that is on the table, the prices are extremely reasonable with the
rates ranging from Rs 49 to Rs 349.

However, if you are someone who is visiting this joint for the first time, we have a few recommendations for you. With a topping of fresh ice-cream over a glass of lemon-lime soda, the Shamrock Float is an absolute upgrade to your Coke or Fanta floats. To partner with this drink, you can go with the Biscoff Cotton Candy Burrito which would make you go blissful. Also, the Cereal Shakes cannot be missed here as the authentic cereals crushed into a special beverage is extremely appealing.


Open: 12 PM – 12 AM and 1 PM – 12 AM (Weekends)

Where: Jyoti Nivas College Rd, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru