Types Of Indian Food Loved Across the World

source: india.com

There are lovers across the globe for the wholesome and tasty Indian food. Almost everyone loves Indian dishes! The dishes taste like heaven and are sure to make it to everyone’s list of favorite dishes. You can find an Indian restaurant in any part of the world, especially south Indian cuisine. South Indian food in London and other countries is very famous and warmly welcomed by gastronomes across the world. It is a misconception that only Indians visit these restaurants in a foreign land. Indian cuisine entered the international picture in the 1800s and it is famously said that the Queen of England loved Indian curries and had them prepared in her royal kitchen almost every day.


Biryani is the classic Indian concoction of rice and chicken and this dish has numerous variants available. In traditional recipes, chicken or mutton was marinated in curd and fragrant spices were mixed with rice and usually slow-cooked for hours. This dish has modifications specific to the region and this makes the dish more interesting. Some keep Biryani classic while some resort to mixing the rice with a pre-cooked gravy and then add the meat for a flavorsome appeal. However, everyone knows and accepts that Biryani is sexy!



The fiery dish called chicken tikka masala is crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. It has taken the world by storm ever since its inception. The gravy cousins of tandoori chicken like butter chicken followed it. This is cooked in spicy gravy with home-made butter and its aroma can melt hearts of the toughest souls. Though the restaurants abroad do not make the original dish, they still retain the elemental flavor of chicken tikka masala!


Samosa is another popular Indian snack that has a unique place in the gourmet gatherings. This is simply a crispy, fried dough stuffed with mashed potatoes and is internationally famous with its versatility.
Samosas are flour pockets and can also be stuffed with fried onions, paneer, coconut, and other ingredients. They come in sweet and sour forms and you can choose dips like tangy tamarind chutney or spicy coriander chutney along with green chili chutney.


South Indian dishes have firm roots all over the world. Idli and dosa are the most famous among all south Indian dishes. Soft, steamed idlis are extremely healthy and an absolute delight when served along with coconut chutney and sambhar. Crispy fried dosas are most welcomed for breakfast and brunch in every country accompanied with any gravy.



Palak paneer is healthy, delicious, and innovative, especially for your main course. Paneer is farmer’s cottage cheese and essentially made with spinach. Palak paneer is the star of the dining table coming to vegetarian dishes of India. This is eaten along with naan or roti and makes for a complete meal full of nutrients and flavors.


The Mughals can be considered as the masters of the kitchen when it comes to meat dishes. They introduced India to the art of making kebabs and from here, the whole world took it over. Kebabs are loved by people all over the world. Meat is minced and combined with a variety of spices and is cooked on skewers over a charcoal fire. This succulent and delicious meat dish is enjoyed by everyone as a snack or along with roomali rotis or naans.