Highlights of Man Vs Wild: PM Modi Talked About Environment And Gave An Important Message to the World


The much-awaited episode of Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls was telecasted at 9 pm on Monday at Discovery network. The special thing about this episode was it was shot at Uttra Khand India with a special guest who is none other than the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Promoting to preserve the nature, Bear and PM covered approximately 8 km long route in the jungle of Jim Corbett National Park in a popular adventure show. In this journey, PM Modi shared a lot of the untold tales of his childhood, teenage life and his life spent on Himalayan mountains.

Man vs Wild episode with Narendra Modi

The episode featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken a huge buzz on the internet ever since the promo of the show was released. It won’t be surprising if the show would have hit the highest TRP rate. Throughout the episode, Modi has explained certain things about him that no one might have ever known. For example, he stated Bear that it was his first Holiday Trip for 18 years which is a very shocking revelation.

Bear earlier asked Modi about how did he spend his childhood, and responding to his question he said, “I hailed from a very small place in Gujarat called Vadnagar and spent my early life in very poor conditions.”

His life in the mountains of Himalayas

The Tv host further questioned about his love for nature and made him answer about his Himalayas adventure. Modi said, as a boy, he was very close to the mother nature, it was his parents who taught him about the value of our ecosystem. “ If you love the creation, it will love you back and there is nothing to fear about nature,” said the PM.

“I wanted to decide about my life. But before that, I wanted to experience the world. I wanted to see the spiritual world. For that, I proceeded to the Himalayas. It was an excellent experience and I spent a long time there,” Modi said.

He said that he left home at the age of 17 or 18 years and went to the Himalayan Hills where the situation helped him change his personality. He said that he used to spend time and meet certain sages who left no carbon footprints and caused no evil to nature.

Cleanliness and Life goals

Asking about his cleanliness purposes, Modi revealed that since childhood, he used to wear well-ironed clothes anywhere he used to go. He always used to iron his outfits using hot charcoal in a copper bowl which helped him look hygienic.

When Grylls asked whether he had ever imagined of becoming prime minister, Modi said his focus has always been the development of the country.

“The focus has always been on one thing and that is growth. And I am convinced with that job. Today, if I think this time as a vacation, then I must say I am taking a holiday for the first time in 18 years,” Modi said.

“I was the chief minister of a state first. I worked as a chief minister for 13 years, which was a new adventure for me. Then my country decided I needed to do this role. So I have been doing this for the last five years.

Fear and nature conservation

Bear also asked him, if he feared anything in his life. In reply, he gave a very positive answer. “My difficulty is that I have never experienced such fears. I see positivity in everything. And because of that reason, I have never failed.”

“If I have to tell anything to the modern generation, then I will say we should not think of our life in bits. If we think of our life as a whole then there will be ups and downs. If you are going down, don’t think about it because the way up starts from there,” he said.

Further, in the journey, Grylls made Modi sit in a raft ( made of shrubs and sticks) while he drove it along the river. At the end of the ride, they shared a hot drink mixed with sweet neem or curry leaves.

Talking about the importance of nature conservation, Modi said, “Lifestyle is our biggest problem in environmental conservation. We utilize nature according to our comfort and barely think of coming generations. If we have to keep nature, we will have to value sustainable development.”

“If we don’t stop using our nature, we will be left responsible for the difficulties of our future generations,” The show ends with PM Modi giving the whole world an important lesson.



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