Here’s Why Girls Go Crazy Over Golgappa And A Funny Mythology Attached to its Invention

gol gappa

Gol Gappa is a dish which is widely known as Panipuri. It is one of the most popular of all the Indian street foods other than the chaat. The dish can be prepared quickly; especially if the crisp semolina and flour mixed puris are ready at hand. The hollow small rounds of puri wait to be filled with masala made of potato, onion, chickpeas, chaat, sprouts, mint and tamarind sauce. For some special golgappas, the filling includes ragda, which gives it a different taste altogether.

Gol Gappa

For the person traveling in any of the India streets, it is difficult not to come across a street vendor selling golgappas every few minutes, unless they are traveling in some barren land. The delicious taste, easy availability and low cost have made it one of the most desired snacks of every season.

Why Girls Often Go Crazy About Gol Gappa?

It is probably because girls like it when there’s anything or rather something interesting coming along their ways. As for pani puri, it’s the pain of the hot and spicy tamarind water and that smashed potato which almost burns off your tongue and might leave you in tears as well and the tingling sensation of extreme pleasure in the gastrointestinal tract that makes girls love it so much. In India, many Panipuri vendors offer different kinds of fillings and masala mix water which makes this dish more mouthwatering.

Gol Gappa

Invention Of Gol Gappa

According to the mythology, when Arjun’s mother Kunti wanted to test the intelligence of Draupadi, she gave her a small amount of dough by which only one roti can be made. As such, she was asked to make something and serve all the five Pandavas. She also gave Draupadi some leftover potato sabzi and just enough wheat dough to make one puri. Therefore, instructing her to make food that would satisfy the hunger of all five of her sons. Draupadi instantly invented this Dish called panipuri and Kunti was impressed by her intelligence. (Sounds funny but it is there all over the Internet).

Gol Gappa

Gained Popularity

While the origins of this delicious snack are yet to be pinpointed with historical accuracy. The one thing that is clear is that pani puri traveled across India and made the country fall head over heels in love with it. Over the years, the combinations underwent many changes as each region developed its own version according to its preferences.

Gol Gappa

Earlier the snack was prepared only by gol gappa vendors. However, nowadays people have started preparing in their homes. Some people are known to add vodka or whiskey to the water when it is prepared at home.  Once the snack of the poor, Gol Gappas have entered all the expensive restaurants and become a part of fine dining in India.

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