How To Do Long Lasting Make Up In Monsoon

Monsoon is here and it is full of fragrant breeze and happy rains; quite a relief after the scorching
summer. But when it comes to makeup and hair-do then this is also the season of dripping mascara,
patchy foundation and unmanageable hair.

In order to prevent this, one needs to apply some melt-proof beauty and makeup tips so that their
monsoon look never gets washed away in rains. Here are some things that one must follow and use
when they are using makeup in monsoon.


Waterproof base

This rainy season is high in humidity in the weather and that leads to dripping and sweating of
makeup. So, it is always suggested to apply a waterproof base that is followed by patting on loose
powder and then the makeup can sit perfectly on the skin. One can also use a 2-way cake alternatively as a quick substitute for waterproof makeup. This cake can be applied either with a damp sponge or can be applied as a dry loose powder.

Ace the blush

It is also recommended that one should use a powder-based blusher to infuse the natural flush on
the cheeks in this season of rains. One can also try some pastel shades like peaches and pinks
depending on what suits them the best. One can blend it nicely by using blush on to get a natural
and soft look.

Eye basics

When it is monsoon then bright colors always grab eyeballs. So, when one us doing their eye
makeup then they can always add some spark by using a vibrant or a dazzling colour and then the
eyes become more expressive. One can use bright shades like blue, bright pink and orange. In rainy
seasons, the kohl, liner, and mascara everything needs to be waterproof. This can prevent eye
makeup from getting washed away.


Long-lasting effect

Retouching the makeup every now and then is a very hazardous job. So, one needs to use long-lasting kohl and eyeliner. This can save the pressure of getting their makeup retouched every now
and then. These things last at least 10 to 15 hours and so the eye makeup also remains intact. Even
when one is applying long-lasting makeup on their eyes, one should avoid any kind of exfoliation on
the area to make it stay longer.

Use Neon colors

Neon shades always make a mark when it is a monsoon. One can easily go for various shades of
orange, red and pink because they are very popular. If one is a bit gutsier, they can go for electric
blue and green as well. Using these colors can add some spark in the gloomy monsoon. One needs
to make a good combination of electrical colors with neutral shades. If one is going for a bright
lipstick or an electric eye shadow, then the rest of the makeup should be nude.

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