Host To The Popular ‘Pani Puri Pizza’, Gullu’s Chat Is A Must-Visit For Any Chaat Lover

Bengaluru is host to plenty of Chaat Stalls, but if there are a few who stand out for their uniqueness, Gullu’s Chat will compete to stand at the top of the list. Located near the Kumara Park West in Seshadripuram, Gullu’s Chat has a couple of dishes on its menu, which have triggered the formation of fan clubs across the city.

The ‘Spicy’ Menu

The usual members of the ‘Chaat Family’ get an obvious look-in here, although it is because of the newest additions to the ‘Family’ that Gullu’s Chat is adored by many. While Pizza Pani Puri is popular, there is the Bun Nippat Masala and Mango Bhel which are also worth trying at this eatery. The range is wide, but the prices of the dishes strike an approximate average of Rs 70.


The much-adored Pani Puri Pizza

A decent place for a ‘Chaat’ Stall

There are plenty of other dishes that are available here but, as the name of the shop suggests, ‘Chaats’ are the USP of this joint. For a couple of minutes that you will have to spend at this restaurant, the ambiance is neat, fine, and not worrisome.

Pizza Pani Puri

Gullu’s Chat marketing strategy just cannot go live without the mention of the delicious Pizza Pani Puri. A fusion of one of the most loved Indian Chaats, and probably the best known European dish, Pizza Pani Puri is an ultimate delight to one’s taste buds. Loaded with veggies and cheese in the brittle shell of the Puri, this dish is a sure culinary genius.

Address: Gullu’s Chat, Kumara Park West, Seshadripuram


Time: 11 am to 11 pm