10 Crazy Things Girls Do Before Going On A Date You May Not Mind To Know


DATE! Does that ring a bell? If asked, we would all remember some crazy date incidents and our experiences on different dates. Now I bet and I believe that all humans at some point are capable of being weird and crazy. But when it comes to a date, we can tend to become extra crazy. Our responses depend on whether we are meeting someone for the first time, for a casual hook up or if we are actually serious about that one person. Though both the sexes indulge in different sort of crazy activities, let’s look at some points that most girls would relate to.


If the girl is really into you, she might have played and re-played the romantic night in her head already. She would imagine all the gestures you would do. You might never find that out and you might think that she is so calm and casual when she is meeting you, but trust me you don’t really know what’s going on in her head.


Full Body Check

From getting rid of all the unwanted hair on her body to getting that expensive facial massage, a girl can take the personal grooming to a whole new level. Now it all depends on how excited is she about this date. She might completely avoid getting decked up, if in her head, she wants to make it look very casual or if she is not really into it. Otherwise, everything from nails, armpits, legs, hair, face and even ears will be taken care of.

Rehearsing the Conversation In Her Head

Ahem! She can prepare all the answers ready that she thinks you might ask her. To not deal with the embarrassment later, all the possible personal questions will be pre-prepared. Now she might not have to face those questions but why take a risk?


Chit-Chat with Her Girl Gang

From sending selfies of her getting ready to share how she is becoming anxious, it will all be shared with her best girlfriend or her girl gang over the phone. The best part is that girls become super excited about each other and they make the preparation for the date even more exciting. It might look weird to you but for the girls, it’s a ritual dude.

Smell Yourself Plenty Of Times

‘’Do my armpits smell good? What about my hair and my dress? Let me use some more perfume’’. These sentences will be revised and self-fragrance check done plenty of times before she leaves that goddamn house door.

Which Lingerie to Wear

Now that can become a question of a century for her. If she is really thinking to take the date forward, she might put that extra effort. Though, it can become a tedious task for her to choose the right lingerie. She might even think of wearing a matching one.


Thinking Of An Escape Plan

Now we can all land up on a date which can be overbearing, right? So why not make a pre escape plan. A girl might let her girl gang know to be ready for a signal so that she can escape that horrible date. An emergency call from a friend will be pre-managed. Just in case you know!

The Struggle of Choosing the Right Outfit

To make that right choice where the outfit shouldn’t go that overboard and it should not look that casual either. To wear or not to wear, that will be the question. And there will be a fashion parade in front of the mirror until she might get tired and just pick the right one.


Listening To Music to Set the Mood Already

While she is getting ready, she will listen to the songs that make her feel light in the stomach. Now music always does the job to keep us calm and composed when we are bursting with excitement and fear.

Confirmation Text

Just to check if we are still on for the date. Now our anxieties can make us do weird things like that. A girl might think of a proper sentence to put across the question in a right and casual way.


Now, while all of us might go crazy thinking about all do’s and don’ts before a date, all that matters is that we be ourselves. To be you is beauty in itself. Someone who is genuine will always appreciate you for what you are. So just chill yourself out and go for that beautiful evening ahead.



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