Here’s How A Young Man From Mysuru Is Showing His Admiration For Infosys’ Sudha Murty

sudha murthy tattoo

Traditionally bowing down or touching the feet of someone whom you admire or respect is a way to show your feelings. But if one is creative and has a fetish to do something different, then there are many other ways to do the same thing. At least that is what a young man from Mysuru did when he displayed his admiration for his role model Sudha Murty by tattooing the face of Infosys Foundation Chairperson on his chest.

Lokesh Is Devoted To Sudha Murty

This young boy named Lokesh works as a cab driver for the cars of his brother. The inspirational words and speeches of Sudha Murty have always motivated and impressed him. That is why as a symbol of his respect and devotion towards the famous philanthropist of India, Lokesh tattooed her photo on his chest on her birthday on 19th August.


31-year-old Lokesh says, “It is to celebrate her 69th birthday that I got this tattoo done on my chest. I am a great fan of Sudha Amma. I could not turn to anyone when I was in trouble. It was then I started following her speeches in print and on social media. She has done great social work and though many of her charity works are well-known there are so many lives she has influenced that does not come into the public eye. That is why I admire her a lot.” 

Lokesh resides in JC Nagar Income Tax Layout in Mysuru and earlier has worked as a TV cameraman for a private channel. Apart from the boy, his mother Honnamma also follows Sudhaji. Lokesh says, “Whenever Sudha Murty appears on TV, my mother calls me and says look your Amma is there.” He further adds, “It is her benign smiling face and simplicity that drew me to her. She has so much of wealth, but she never flaunts it and instead displays only kindness.”

It Took 7 Hours To Draw The Tattoo

Lokesh had the privilege to meet Sudha Murty for the first time in the Durbar Hall of the Mysore Palace. The co-founder of Infosys was visiting the place to participate in the birth centenary celebrations of Sri Jayachamaraja Wadiyar on July 18, 2019. It was due to the efforts of his few photographer friends that he could enter the Durbar Hall. 


Lokesh recalls, “Sudha Murty, on seeing the tattoo of her face on my hand, asked: Did it not pain when you were getting tattooed and all the time she had that beautiful smile on her face.” It took seven hours for Lokesh to get that smiling face of Sudha Murty on his chest.