Here Is The Breakdown Of Shashi Tharoor’s ‘Big-Worded’ Praise For Chetan Bhagat’s Article

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor is a well-known name in the country for his sophisticated vocabulary. Time and again, the politician tends to use highly complicated English words to express his views, and of course, most of it is not understood by the common man. Today, he yet again displayed his skills on Twitter.

The Tharoor-Bhagat twitter exchange

The last few hours have seen an interesting exchange of words between Shashi Tharoor and Chetan Bhagat on Twitter. Chetan, who is looking forward to the release of his new novel, had written an article about how the youth of the country need to concentrate more on the wretched GDP rates rather than decoding the endless Bollywood controversies.


Shashi Tharoor was might impressed by it and lauded Chetan for his writing skills, and the content in the essay. Unsurprisingly, the ‘Three Mistakes of My Life’ author was elated with Tharoor’s response. Along with thanking him for the wishes, Bhagat also requested the Congress MP if he could use some big words to praise him.

Tharoor comes out all guns blazing

It was as if Tharoor was waiting for the perfect moment to vent out his exceptional skills. The opportunity was well in front of him, and here is what the Trivandrum MP wrote:

Of course, without the use of a dictionary, none could understand what Mr. Tharoor was trying to say. We tried to breakdown the tweet and here is the result.


‘Sesquipedalian’ means a word being polysyllabic, ‘Rodomontade’ is boastful, ‘convolutions’ means complex, ostentation means being pretentious, ‘limpid’ is clear and ‘perspicacity’ is to be shrewd. All of it adds up to say that Chetan’s way of writing is simple, clear and conveys the matter to its fullest extent. Well, we could do with more depth to the tweet, but we have made your job easier.