Here Are The Key Highlights Of President Donald Trump’s Speech At Motera Stadium

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Namaste Trump was witnessed by a 1 lakh audience in Motera stadium in Gujarat. At the event, Trump and Modi shared crucial thoughts following a close relationship between both countries. Here are the highlights of the Namaste Trump event.

‘Namaste Trump’ event

Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked off the ‘Namaste Trump’ event with ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ chants. The PM stressed that India-US relations were no longer just another partnership. But, it is a far greater and closer relationship.


“One is ‘land of the free’ the other believes the world is one family. One feels proud of ‘statue of liberty’ the other feels proud of ‘statue of unity’,” said PM Modi.

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After addressing a small speech, the PM decided to call up the US President to express his thoughts on this bilateral relationship. “You are heartily welcome in the largest democracy of the world. This is Gujarat, but the entire country is enthusiastic about welcoming you. I think, today, we can see history being repeated. Five months back I started my US trip with ‘Howdy Modi’ and today my friend President Donald Trump is starting his Indian trip with ‘Namaste Trump’ here in Ahmedabad,” he said.

Donald Trump praises Modi 

Starting with his speech, US President Donald Trump praised Modi for his hard work in the nation. He said, “PM Narendra Modi is a champion who works night and day for his country.”


Trump stated that Modi started as a Chaiwala who used to work at a cafeteria. “America will always be a faithful and loyal friend to the Indian people…America loves India and we respect India,” he added.

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Further praising Modi, Trump said “India now holds a special place in our hearts. PM Modi won a big election with a landslide. He is a hardworking man and he has shown that anything is possible. He is friendly, but is tough.”

He also thanked Modi and India for this wonderful and remarkable hospitality.


Modi and India 

Further, Trump praised India for being a motivation for the entire world. He said that this land of culture and heritage gives hope to humanity. In just 70 years, India has become the largest democracy and has become one of the greatest nations in the world.

Praising Modi he said, under him, villages in India have access to electricity. Over 300 million more have got an internet connection.

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“India will soon become the home to the world’s largest middle class. What is impressive is that India has achieved all this as a democracy and as a tolerant country. India’s achievement is unrivaled.” Trump said.


“Since the turn of the decade, India’s economy has grown six times,” Donald Trump said

Swamy Vivekanda, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli find mention

From quoting Swami Vivekananda to calling ‘Bollywood’ the hub of creativity, President Trump just couldn’t control to praise India.

Mentioning about Bollywood, President Trump said India is a creative hub that produces over 2000 movies in Bollywood. “India produces 2000 films yearly, including great romantic movies like DDLJ.” He also chaired great cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli.

Praising the different cultures and religions in India he said that even though there are so many communities and languages, Indians unite as one great Indian nation.


Trade deals with India 

Talking about trade deals with India, Trump revealed to settle a three billion dollar defense deal with India. Calling Modi a tough negotiator for the business he said “I thank you for the contribution that you have made to my beloved country. The USA’s economy is booming. Even though PM Modi is a tough negotiator, I have come to India to expand our relations. The PM and I will continue our dialogue to deepen the relationship between our countries.”

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Trump talked about how his country was making good military hardware and it looks to start various deals with India. He says that he wants India to become US’s premier defense partner.

Fight against radical Islamic terrorism 

Trump explained how both countries are similar in defending its citizens from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

“US and India are fused in the pursuit to fight radical Islam. Recently we launched an offensive against ISIS and killed their leader. Each country has the right to defend its borders. India and the US will fight terror together. Since I have taken the charge, our government has engaged with Pakistan to eliminate terror on the borders. Our association with Pakistan has developed,” Trump said.


Science and space 

In the field of Science, Trump says, “The United States and India are operating closely in space research. Chandrayaan II is a great program. The US is looking forward to cooperating with India.”

“US and India will be allies in our journey to the stars. What India has done under PM Modi is huge and I congratulate PM Modi for this. India has been a role model for great wisdom.”

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In the closing speech, US President Donald Trump says, “Today I say to all Indians to take pride in the glories of the past. Unite for the future and let our nations come together for freedom and its values. God bless America, God bless India. We love India very much.”

PM concludes 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returning to the podium thanked US President Donald Trump for his generous words. He said, “What you have said about India and its history and culture. I thank you for your support. President Trump has not just admired Indians in India but also Indians in the US.”

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“In India, we say faith is where friendship is unshakable. I have seen how relations between India and the US have developed. When I had visited the US, Trump told me that India has a true friend in the White House. I am happy that the US is a partner in India’s progress.” he added.