Dr Raj Translating Basavanna’s Verse From Kannada To Tamil For Veerappan’s Associates Is Just Awesome

Dr Rajkumar is arguably the most popular actor that the Indian Film Industry has seen. Such was his performance on screen that he is still considered a demigod in the state. Not only that, Annavru’s off-screen behaviour, principles and values also inspired many and got him more fans. Recently, a rare clip went viral, which further showed why he is a brilliant personality.

Dr Rajkumar is a Kannada Icon

Apart from his movies, Dr Rajkumar involved himself in various societal issues, as well. His character itself was marvellous, and that alone inspired a whole generation of people to lead a positive life. Also, the legend was the face of Karnataka and Kannada for a chunk of years. Whenever he played a role on the screen, he made sure the culture and values of Kannadigas were imbibed in it. Off-screen, the man spoke perfect Kannada, and he was one of the very few people who could do that.


The kidnap that left the state in anxiety

Around the start of this century, on one of the mornings, every Kannadiga woke up to a piece of shocking news when they learnt that Veerappan had kidnapped Dr Rajkumar. For a man who was considered as one among his/her family to undergo such a difficult situation, the entire state was left was in a state of anxiety. The morale of the people was completely down. It was a blow that people could not recover from until the man was released.

An unseen clip

After he was released, many stories started circulating regarding Annavru’s stay when he was kidnapped. A few photographs were also out. However, recently a clip went viral which showed the true values of Dr Rajkumar. In the video, he is seen reciting one of Basavanna’s verse and not stopping there, he even translates the words from Kannada to Tamil to one of Veerappan’s associates. Although he was under their custody, Dr Rajkumar did not waste the opportunity to educate a person, irrespective of their background. This was the man’s greatness that is and will always be truly phenomenal. Here’s the video below.