To Defend His Film, Agni Sreedhar Says Dr.Raj Used To Smoke Daily – SHAME!

Quite recently Underworld Don MP Jayaraj’s son Ajit had alleged ‘Head Bush’ writer Agni Shridhar to have defamed his father’s name by showing him as a smoker in the film. Responding to the same Shridhar has now given an example of Kannada cinema legend Dr. Rajkumar in this debate.

The debate over the film Head Bush

Underworld Don MP Jayaraj’s son Ajit had said that his father never smoked and was portrayed in a bad light in the film’s teaser. He has written a complaint about the same to the Film Chamber of Commerce and is apparently ready for the legal battle.


Meanwhile, Agni Shreedhar, the film which is based on the book he has written, has said that Ajit has no right to question the film. He even dragged Kannada Cinema Legend Dr. Rajkumar’s name into this debate.

Dragging Dr. Rajkumar into the debate

While responding to Ajit Jayaraj’s allegation and defending his film, the writer shared an example of Dr. Rajkumar by saying, “Actors like Rajkumar also smoked cigarettes. You can ask Shivanna (Shivrajkumar) if I am wrong. Daily 2 to 3 cigarettes were smoked by the legendary actor himself. He is the biggest name in Kannada Industry yet we all knew that he too smoked.”

This careless statement by Agni Shreedhar is truly unacceptable and baseless. Being a notable writer, Agni Shreedhar has crossed the line by dragging Dr. Rajkumar into the debate. It is a shame that the writer is making such remarks without any evidence.