Despite The State Government’s Strict Order, Many Private Schools In Bengaluru Hike Fees For Next Year

Despite the State Government’s notification that school fees cannot be hiked this year, a couple of schools in Bengaluru have increased the fees for the upcoming academic year. Many parents feel that this is against Government rules, and the concerned authorities must come into the picture.

State Government had said the schools to not hike fees for next year

On a circular dated 28th April, the State Government had said: “private schools cannot hike their fees owing to COVID-19, but “are free to reduce their fees considering the economic scenario surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.” This was made against a rule by the Karnataka Government that had allowed schools to hike fees by 15% every year.


One of the parents said: “We have no clue when the schools will reopen. We don’t know when we will head back to work. Amidst all this, I received an intimation from the school regarding asking me to pay the fee. How can I pay the school fee when there are so many uncertainties? Besides hiking school fees, these schools have also hiked transport fees and expect us to pay without knowing when schools will start functioning for the academic year 2020-21.” 

There were also complaints that the transportation charges for next year had also been increased. A parent said: “These schools are also charging a hike in transportation fees even though practically no transportation is happening due to the lockdown that is in place. We have appealed, and still, the school has not responded to our queries.

The Government Responds

Meanwhile, the Government has responded regarding the matter. Jagadeesha, the Education Commissioner said: “The school should be made aware of the circular, and if they still don’t comply, they can be taken into account by the DDPI, or parents can send a written complaint to the Commissioner of Education, and strict action will be taken.


Source: The News Minute