Deepika Padukone takes a dig at an influencer in response to his sexist comments

Deepika Padukone made it to the headlines, of course with her next film ‘Gehraiyan’ lined up but also because of her cryptic reply to influencer Freddy Birdy. Freddy birdy put up a post where he comments on the clothes worn by actresses in the ‘Gehraiyan’.

The whole story

Influencer Freddy Birdy posted on Instagram in which he wrote, “Newton’s Law Of Bollywood”, “The clothes will get tinier as the Gehraiyaan release date approaches”. Necklines and hemlines are Gehraiyaan, Freddy Birdy captioned his post.



The post went viral and the internet was on the storm as people felt that his remarks were sexist and insulted Deepika Padukone or even Ananya Pandey who is starring in the film. The post never mentioned anyone in particular but the post did not sit right with the audience.

In response to this Deepika Padukone, in a cryptic and not addressing the influencer in any manner, posted this.


This post was fuel to the fire and people on the internet bought the fact that it was definitely aimed at the actresses of the film and was equally hailed by the supporters and the fans of Deepika.


In response to this, Freddie wrote “Dear Deepika, I am not “mocking you” for wearing tiny clothes. You can wear your hemlines till your toes or your ears. For all I care. And thank you for calling me a ‘moron.’ It’s the only non-fake thing you’ve uttered in your entire career.”


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