“Aunty! Why are you trying to Copy Angelina Jolie” KRK Trolls Deepika’s look from Pathaan

Self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan in his latest video is accusing Deepika Padukone of trying to copy Angelina Jolie with her Pathaan character.

KRK takes a dig at Pathaan

Pathaan marks the comeback of Shah Rukh Khan after 4 long years. With Pathaan, the buzz is crazy high and fans cannot wait to witness SRK create havoc at the Box Office. Unfortunately, the movie is continuously criticized for all wrong reasons. Be it the saffron Bikini sean of Deepika Padukone or SRK’s mention as Pathaan, the film is being criticized left and right.


KRK, who is not a fan of SRK and other Bollywood fraternities, has shared a review on his YouTube channel where he’s slamming Pathaan and claims its story is identical to every other action movie in Bollywood. He even claims Deepika Padukone tried to copy Angelina Jolie’s style.

Deepika’s look from Pathaan

“Deepika aunty did everything to look like Angelina Jolie. Madam, what was the need? If you are a soldier, look like one. Why did you want to look like a s*xy heroine while performing action sequences?”

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