Crying Between 7pm To 10 pm Can Help You Lose Weight : Study Suggests

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Going for a jog every early in the morning, running on your treadmill and kicking the sweats out in the gyms, we do all sorts of stuff to cut down the belly fat in our body. Probably these are the only ways one can find an option to lose weights. Hold on!! What if we told you that having a loud cry can help you lose belly weight. You read it all right. Researchers have found out that crying actually helps to shed a few extra kilos out of your body.

The study suggests sobbing can help carve weight

In an article published in AsiaOne, it suggests that crying, especially the ones with all the feels and heavy emotions, can help you lose weight. This is because the hormones from emotional crying help heighten the cortisol level, and this happens when you have bottled-up emotions.


Precisely, it’s not like our bodies can continue storing more fat when we are shedding those tears, it’s because all the stress hormones that were suppressed would have already been released through this concern process.

This theory is backed by William Frey, a biochemist who says that crying could assist in the removal of toxic substances that build up in the body due to stress. Interestingly, the research also suggests that there may be a peak time, which means crying anytime between 7 pm to 10 pm is the best time to sob and cry your heart out to optimize the cortisone releasing effect, says the report.

There are basically 3 types of tears:

  • Basal tears: that keep our peepers moist; (basic functional tears)
  • Reflex tears: that we involuntarily shed due to environmental stressors like smoke and wind; (irritation tears)
  • Psychic tears: linked to our true feelings and human emotions.

This may sound funny, but next time when you are low, wanting to toss out all your emotions, go for a loud cry. It will help you bring mental stability and also greatness for our physical well-being. But this does not mean you should cry for anything and everything.


(Please note that this is not a study conducted by MetroSaga team)

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