Breaking: Karnataka Minister Finally Accepts That The State Is In Community Transmission Stage


The Karnataka minister JC Madhuswamy has finally admitted that the state is currently in the community transmission stage of coronavirus.

JC Madhuswamy, the district in-charge of Tumakuru accepted that the state machinery is worried about the spread of the coronavirus in the state. He said,


“Medical condition of eight infected with coronavirus admitted in Tumkur COVID hospital is critical. There is no guarantee of their lives as per the information. We somewhere feel we are worried that coronavirus is spreading at the community level. We have reached a point where it is difficult for the district authorities to restrain it, even though we are trying to restrain it. Somewhere the situation is going out of hand.”

Karnataka ventilators (1)
Courtesy: The Indian Express

He also confirmed that the Tumkuru district is likely to suffer due to the novel coronavirus. The admission by Madhuswamy comes in after Chief Minister Yediyurappa and Deputy Chief Minister Ashwath Narayan repeatedly played down the community transmission angle.

Cases Rise In The State

Currently, the Karnataka government officials are concerned and are dealing with a surge in the cases in the city of Bengaluru. As of the 5th of July, the city has reported over 8,345 COVID-19 cases of which 7,250 are active. On Saturday alone, Bengaluru reported 1,172 cases. On Sunday, the city reported over 1,273 cases in the city. The city is inching closer to 10,000 cases. With the unexpected increase, the officials in the city have started to convert Indoor stadiums and ashrams into COVID-Care Centres. The authorities also released a list of 16 government hospitals and 73 private hospitals where patients will be admitted.

There have been several instances in the city of Bengaluru where patients had to succumb to the disease because they couldn’t find a bed or a hospital which could admit them. Following the incidents, the officials announced that BESCOM’s 1912 helpline can now be used to inform grievances about hospitals denying to admit patients.


In one of the incidents, a 65-year-old man collapsed outside his house waiting for an ambulance. The man was tested positive for the novel coronavirus. After the incident, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Commissioner BH Anil Kumar visited the victim’s family and apologized because the ambulance did not arrive even after 3 hours of calling.


Source: Times Now