Experts Confirm That India Is In Community Transmission Stage, Govt Continues To Deny


The one thing that was denied from the start of the pandemic and the one stage which was feared by many has finally been occurred and confirmed by experts. The Indian Medical Association confirmed that India is in the stage of community transmission.

The chairman of the Indian Medical Association Hospital Board of India, Dr. VK Monga, has stated that there is an exponential increase in the number of reported cases of COVID-19. In the last few days, the number of daily increase is crossing beyond the 30,000 marks. According to Dr. VK Monga, the cases have now touched the rural areas which indicate the community transmission stage of the novel coronavirus pandemic.


With each passing day, India is reaching a new peak in terms of the highest daily increase. In the second week of July, the country has seen the highest number of cases yet. In the last 24 hours, the country has witnessed over 38,000 cases which have taken India’s tally over 10,77,618. The number of deaths in the last 24 hours was 545. The total death toll has touched 27,000.

India coronavirus (1)
Courtesy: NDTV

What Does Community Transmission Mean To India?

In the initial stages of the pandemic, the states of Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu were contributing to almost 60-70 percent of the cases per day. Now, the cases are coming in from different states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala which is a clear indication that the interiors of India have been affected. Maharashtra still remains the worst-hit state in the country.

The community transmission stage will increase the complexity of stopping the spread of the disease. The country should now wait for the peak to hit and bank upon the treatments at hospitals now. However, the government of India continues to remain in denial about the possibility of community transmission in India.



Source: NewsTrack