Karnataka Government To Allow Home Quarantine For COVID-19 Patients, Here Are The New Rules

Karnataka Government

The state government of Karnataka has issued fresh guidelines for home isolation for positively tested patients of the novel coronavirus disease.

From now, those who have been tested positive for COVID-19 and are asymptomatic or even mildly symptomatic, are now quarantined at their respective homes with a set of protocols that will be followed. The new guidelines for home isolation are as follows.


  1. In the new guidelines, only asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic patients will be allowed to be in home isolation.
  2. A health team from the district health facility will be visiting the home of the patients to assess the suitability of home isolation and triage of patients.
  3. The government has made it mandatory for the patient to under regular check-ups along with teleconsultation.
  4. The COVID-19 positive patients are required to report to their physician or health authorities every day.
  5. The patient shall possess pulse oximeter, digital thermometer, and also have personal protective equipment i.e. gloves and facemasks in home isolation.
  6. Those who are undergoing home isolation should inform the family members, neighbors, the physician, and the local health authorities.
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Courtesy: Deccan Herald

Cases In The State Cross 18,000 Mark

Meanwhile, On Thursday, the state reported over 1,500 fresh cases of COVID-19 which is the highest single-day spike in the state ever since the first case was reported on the 8th of March. The state also reported 19 deaths due to COVID-19. The city of Bengaluru reported 889 cases on Thursday.

With this, the total cases in Karnataka have crossed the 18,000 mark. The state has more than 9,400 active cases and over 8,300 people have successfully recovered from the deadly disease. The death toll in the state has reached 272. As of 2nd July, the state has conducted 6,53,627 tests. Among the worst-hit districts, Bengaluru is at the top with 5,504 cases followed by Ballari with 484 active cases. The recovery rate in the state is 46.27 percent while the mortality rate is 1.51 percent i.e. for every 100 cases, 1 patient has succumbed to the disease. For every 1 million people population, 274 people turn out to be positive in the state. The state has conducted 9,934 tests per million population. The average growth rate in the state is 9 percent.


Source: Livemint