In 48 Hours, Bengaluru Reports 1379 COVID-19 Cases And 7 Deaths

On Sunday, both the state Karnataka and its capital city Bengaluru broke its own record by reporting the highest number of cases for a day. While Karnataka reported over 1000 cases on Sunday, Bengaluru reported close to 800.

The city of Bengaluru continues to add more number of cases in its tally. In the last two days, the city has reported 1379 fresh COVID cases and 7 deaths. In the last two weeks, the city has seen 2624 cases and 56 deaths while only 206 people have recovered. The rising cases in the capital have increased the worries of the state government which was looking forward to unlocking the economy. The government has constantly finding newer measures to contain the pandemic along with running the economy.


The state government has decided to impose total lockdown on Sundays starting from July 5th. The state also revised the daily curfew timings and increased it by an hour. From June 29th, the curfew will be observed from 8 pm to 5 am. The government has also decided that all government offices will run for only five days while it will remain closed at the weekend.

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Courtesy: The Indian Express

The state has also revised its quarantine rules for inter-state passengers. Earlier, for passengers coming into the state from Delhi and Tamil Nadu was made to undergo a mandatory Institutional quarantine of 3 days. This has now been waived off. However, the 7-day Institutional quarantine for Maharashtra returnees to continue as it was earlier. The Maharashtra returnees are also required to undergo another week of home quarantine. Revising the rules, now people coming in from all the states except Maharashtra are required to undergo 14 days of home quarantine.

A Cause of Concern

A major cause of concern for the state has been the frontline workers testing positive. On Sunday alone, 15 police personnel in the city tested positive for COVID-19. The 15 police personnel include the Assistant Commissioner of Police of the north traffic division. The office of the Assistant Commissioner has been sealed off for sanitation purposes. However, the city also saw the first death of COVID-19 positive police personnel as a 57-year-old ASI of the Whitefield Police station passed away on Friday.



Source: The Indian Express