Now, it is Easier to Avail BMTC Pass for Students. Just a Phone Call Away.

BMTC pass

It is not that an easier task to avail BMTC pass in the city and there is a kind of hassle attached to it. One has to go to Majestic or nearby Bus depot with the required documents, submit them to receive the pass in the form of a smart card. However, now it has become easier, at least for students. Now, students can apply for Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) passes through e-form. As of now, BMTC accepts applications only through respective educational institutions.

Dial 161 on phone for BMTC Pass

Students who want passes can dial 161 on phone, select Kannada or English language, select 6 for BMTC services and then choose option 2 for students passes. The required applications for the pass will be sent to the students’ mobile number through a web link. There is also an option for students to visit to access the web link and the application.


The students are required to enter their enrollment number and D.O.B in the e-form. If the details given by the student matches the database of the Student Achievement Tracking System (SATS) then the required information will be automatically fetched. Also, it is required to enter parent’s mobile number and email id for verification. SATS is a database maintained by the education department of Karnataka.

Post entry of details and verification, students will receive the smart card (on the promised date) by post and amount will be collected by the postal department at the time of delivery.

This way, BMTC has made the process easier for the students. Going forward, the department is planning to extend this to everyone in the town, thereby making the process convenient and hassle-free.


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