Have You Ever Wondered Why These BMTC Tickets Have Numbers? Let’s Find Out

Have you ever looked at a bus ticket closely and wondered why it printed the way it is mainly city bus tickets? This picture of a BMTC bus ticket is now going viral on the internet and netizens are wondering why these BMTC tickets have these unexplained numbers.

BMTC tickets

Indeed India is going digital, but still in many places tickets and receipts are given as it stands as legal proof and many times also required for various taxation purposes by the commuter/visitor. But there are numbers on 2 columns on the left-hand side and the right side. Ever wondered what this is? Let’s find out.



Tickets in BMTC are based on stages – which means every 2 kilometers makes a stage. Now, the 2 columns on the left-hand side is used to point to which stage you got into the bus, while the two columns on the right-hand side indicate where you got off. The conductor is expected to mark the columns.

For example, let’s assume you are traveling on bus route 510 – Kengeri to Banashankari in Bengaluru. You board the bus at Nayandahalli and will get off at Kathriguppe. Nayandahalli is approximately 6 kilometers away from Kengeri which is 3rd stage from Kengeri. Meanwhile, Kathriguppe is approximately 11 kilometers away from Kengeri which is the 6th stage from Kengeri. So, the conductor marks “3” in the first column and “6” in the third column, to say that you are traveling from the 3rd stage to the 6th stage.

Meanwhile, the 2 column is used for some routes that are really long. These tickets would have the name of the “from” and “to” stages.


For example, route number 600 travels 117 kilometers. So if you travel from stage number 22 to stage number 30, then the markings are as follows:

  • 2 in the first column.
  • 2 in the second column.
  • 3 in the third column.
  • 0 in the fourth column.

This type of practice is rarely done in BMTC. Nevertheless, that’s what the numbers are there for.

In these tickets, passengers are charged according to the number of stages traveled by passengers, and not the actual distance traveled.


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