Bengaluru To Adopt Mumbai’s ‘Honk More Wait More’ Punishment To Cut Noise Levels


Days after Mumbai police introduce the punishing signal at noisy traffic points in the city, Bengaluru also gears up to adopt the idea in its region to discipline its motorists. The city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao has already spoken to Mumbai joint commissioner officer to get this idea to reduce decibel levels at traffic signals.

Honking is not a serious problem

Mumbai traffic police launched an anti-honking initiative last week hoping to curb the noise pollution levels in the city traffics. The punishing signal (decibel meters ) keeps the traffic signals red for a longer period if constant honking causes noise levels to shoot beyond 85 decibels (dB).


source: thenewsminute

Meanwhile, the Bengaluru traffic police are planning to implement this idea in its city. Speaking on ideas for Bengaluru, city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao stated, “Though honking is not as serious a problem in Bengaluru as in Mumbai, we are preparing to implement the system at major traffic junctions to teach road discipline.”

Careless motorist

Rao has spoken to Madhukar Pandey, Mumbai joint commissioner (traffic), regarding the plan. “I have received details regarding the systems and vendors. I will ask the joint commissioner of traffic police in Bengaluru to recognize major junctions where honking is most related,” he added.

Bengalureans Spend Most Time On Road
Courtesy: Deccan Herald

Installing decibel meters in several busy signals in Bengaluru will not just help the city to fight reckless honkers in the traffic but will also help to discipline the careless motorist.


Talking about Bengaluru traffic, the sources say that there are currently 291 traffic jams in the city, running up to 145.7 km. Last year, a commuter spent an extra 243 hours in traffic while driving during peak hours.