Bengaluru: Family Asked To Leave The Movie Hall After Refusing To Stand Up For The National Anthem

bangalore movie hall national anthem

The family went to watch Asuran starring Dhanush and were asked to leave the theatre as they refused to stand up for the national anthem in Malleshwaram’s PVR Orion.

A family in Bangalore was asked to leave the theatre after they refused to stand up for the national anthem which is played before the movie starts. The incident happened at Orion Mall’s PVR which is in Malleshwaram when the family had come to watch Asuran, the Tamil movie, starring Dhanush.

The mob which approached the family was deeply uncomfortable when they refused to stand up for the national anthem even after they asked them to. In the theatre, two Kannada actors were also watching the movie when this incident took place and they took to social media to get the message across.

BV Aishwarya, a Kannada actress made a video that is now doing its viral rounds on social media where she claims that the family allegedly disrespected the national anthem by not standing up.

She soon created a Facebook post which read: “So yes this damn thing happened yesterday at Orion mall PVR these F****ing so-called citizens of India refused to stand while the national anthem was played n we are here as the True citizens to set these Anti-Indians right ?? Don’t You Dare ??”

bangalore movie hall national anthem

Aru Gowda, another Kannada actor was also present during the altercation and was seen saying “These people chose not to stand up while the national anthem was being played. When asked why they are asking us to file a police complaint” to the camera while the recording hammered the family sitting down.

Soon, Pakistan was also dragged along the mud when Aishwarya promptly asked, “Are you a Pakistani terrorist?” to which the woman who was on the receiving end of the public’s wrath replied that she did not know the opposite of India was Pakistan.

Poking the last straw, Aishwarya is heard saying, “If you cannot stand up, then get out!”
As it stands, no police complaint has been made by the family against the two actors.
Many on social media are divided about this issue since the video has gone viral.




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