Bengaluru Commuters Going Towards KIA Facing Big Problem Due To Toll Collectors

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Toll officials have started collecting levy from commuters while they are going towards the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA). It has made the trip all the more inconvenient for the commuters who have to come from a long distance fighting the traffic snarls in between to reach the airport on time. Earlier the officers collected the toll only while the commuters were returning from KIA and moving towards the city.  

Officials Planned Move To Avoid Losses 

The officials had to plan this move to avoid losses. According to reports, as soon as an alternative road was opened for the public, cab drivers and motorists going towards the city started avoiding paying the toll. They just skipped the toll plaza and took the alternative road. To put an end to the loss of revenue in this way, the officials now have started collecting the amount from all the vehicles when they are going towards KIA.  


But this has not gone down well with the commuters who now have to fight congestion at the toll plaza especially during peak hours when flights are taking off regularly at short intervals. Many passengers have already complained to the toll officers regarding this issue asking them to take appropriate action to avoid such chaos. However, no steps have been taken by the authorities to curb the menace. 

Commuters Facing Problem Due To KIA Toll Plaza
Courtesy: New Indian Express

Commuters Share Their Plight

A resident of Jayanagar, Ms. Sumalatha Rao who had to face a lot of inconveniences as she almost missed her flight because her cab got stuck at the toll plaza says, “The rush is insane during peak hours and the long queues to pay the toll moves slowly. I almost missed my flight and I had to force my cab driver to zip past. The airport and toll officials should make an alternative arrangement to ensure that passengers going towards the airport are not made to wait at the toll plaza to pay the fee.”

According to a government employee, Akhilesh Kumar, the toll is a nightmare and hence should be removed. He feels that the road should be toll-free at least during peak hours. Abhishek says, “It is a complete mess during peak hours, as vehicles line up to pay the toll fee at the booth and it takes a long time. There are instances of people missing their flights. The authorities should understand that people are going to the airport to catch a flight and because of the rush, they might miss their flights.” 


He further adds, “The toll should be removed on this stretch or the authorities should think of other alternatives, so that the passengers are not put at risk. Nowhere in the country is there a toll booth on way to the airport, except in Bengaluru. The passengers are already anxious to reach the airport and this toll adds to it.”