Bengaluru Airport Records 13,000 Passengers Per Day, Just Three Days Into Its Reopening

Courtesy: The New Indian Express

On May 25th, domestic flight operations resumed after a gap of almost 2 months. Although it was expected that the usage would be low for at least a few months, surprisingly, the numbers have actually been high, especially with regards to the Kempegowda International Airport Limited, Bengaluru.

Bengaluru Airport records 13000 passengers per day

Within just three days into its reopening, it has been reported that the number of passengers touched 13,000 per day. The total number of daily arrivals and departures of flights stood at 65 each.


Hari Marar, managing director, and CEO, KIAL, shared the stats along with telling the media that the airport was working at 33 percent employee capacity.

A survey conducted by KIAL also revealed that 87 percent of the passengers who participated cited air travel as a safer means. Work-related travel was cited as the primary reason for their travel intent at 60 percent, while personal reasons stood second at 30 percent.

Safety measures being appreciated

A few passengers also appreciated the safety measures that have been put together at the airport. Pragya, a commuter to Bhubaneshwar, said that the organized procedures put her worries to rest. She further added: “We have to cooperate with officials, they have done the best from their end.


Khushwant Kumar, a traveler to Indore, said: “My concern lies with how this virus spreads through minimum contact. The contact-less setup looks fine for now but we should wait till we see the results.

Some of the measures employed by the authorities included printed or e-boarding passes, thermal scans, zero-contact baggage drops and security checks, and provision of a safety kit at boarding gates.

Source: The New Indian Express