Stuck In Delhi For 2 Months, 5-Year-Old Flies To Bengaluru, All Alone To Meet His Mother

kid travel to meet mom

Flight operations in the country resumed on May 25th, after almost a gap of 60 days. A busy airport like in Bengaluru, the Kempegowda International Airport saw just 60 departures and 54 arrivals on Monday morning. However, among the arrivals, there was one passenger who came holding a placard that read ‘Special Category’.

5-year-old Vihaan returns after 2 months

Vihaan had been to Delhi 2 months ago to visit his grandparents. However, after the lockdown was announced, the 5-year-old could not come back to his parents in Bengaluru.


As the flight operations resumed on May 25th, Vihaan was one of the passengers to arrive in the city. The kid arrived by himself and at the airport, his mother was present to pick him up. The story moved many and also earned a tweet from the Bengaluru Airport Authority:

Flight Operation Resume

On Friday, the Karnataka Government had passed orders stating that returnees from six highly-affected COVID-19 states will have to undergo 7 days of institutional quarantine followed by 7 days of home-quarantine (if their test results come out negative after institutional quarantine). For the same purpose, BMTC had arranged buses from the airport to the respective hotels.

In special cases, especially for businessmen who were coming on urgent work, the Government had stated that a COVID-19 test report from an ICMR approved lab would be sufficient to skip the compulsory quarantine period.


The departures and arrivals on the first day were considerably low. The reason for this is being attributed to still-existing flight restrictions in certain states and also the compulsory quarantine-period mandated by most states.

Source: The News Minute