Bellandur Lake Begins To Froth Again. Locals Blame BDA Officials For Dumping Untreated Waste

froth bellandur

Bellaundur Lake in Bengaluru is infamous for its toxic fumes that are caused due to a high level of pollution. Just after a few showers, the lake has started to froth yet again with giant cotton-like chunks of white and smelly froth spilling around in the residential neighborhood.

The presence of toxic froth in lakes of Bangalore is nothing new. It has persisted for more than 20 years and now is a regular phenomenon.  


Few Spells Of Shower Brought Back Froth

Just a few days ago, immediately after a few spells of a shower, the froth started again spewing toxic fumes. The froth immediately covered all the area where the civic authorities have installed sluice gates.

According to Rituparni P,  ”Civic authorities installed a fence to prevent froth from entering the road. But whenever wind speed increases, froth spills on to the road, irking road users.”

Even a local shopkeeper opined that the sluice gate built at the exit point by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) is of little use as the froth starts whenever it rains. According to Sonali Singh, a lake activist even though the civic authorities built a gentler gradient and installed sprinklers for restricting froth, the problem still persists.


Dumping Untreated Wastes Causing Toxic Froth

One of the civic activists said, “Instead of ad hoc measures like sluice gates, the civic authorities should focus on entry of untreated sewage into the lake. The government has said it’d clean the lake by 2020. Given the pace of work here, the promise can’t be a reality.”

Local people believe that dumping of untreated waste into the Bellandur Lake is the reason why the BDA officials have been unsuccessful at containing the froth.

The BDA officials said, “We will put in place some more effective measures before monsoon to ensure the lake doesn’t froth.” In June 2018, the green court stated, “Over the years, the lake has turned into one of the largest septic tanks in Bengaluru due to sheer callousness and indifference.”


The green court even ordered the government of Karnataka to take necessary actions but until now no measures have been proven to be effective.

The problem related to Bellandur Lake and other lakes in the Garden City of India made international headlines when the lakes started spewing toxic fumes couple of years ago. In February 2017, the lake caught fire as huge flames were seen breathing fire covering the entire area with thick smoke. It took the civics seven-hour long battle to put out the flames.

Even in June last year, froth filled with sewage of Bellandur Lake traveled to the neighboring Kolar district reaching a 1,400 crore water project. The situation is really going out of hand and if strict measures are not taken sooner, the effect can be devastating.