It is Back to Back Bandh in Bengaluru with Karnataka Bandh on January 25th

Bandh in Bengaluru

Tit-Bit: Media reports that the Kannada organizations and a group of farmers have called for two Bandhs in the state over Mahadayi river water sharing issue.

Details: January 25th will observe the statewide bandh in a bid to get everyone’s attention towards the Mahadayi river issue. This will be followed by Bengaluru Bandh on February 4th which will coincide with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Karnataka in relation to BJP’s Parivarthana Rally. A separate Bengaluru Bandh is called on the same day with an intent to pressurize Mr. Modi to intervene in the river dispute.

Bandh in Bengaluru

Activists seem to be Upset with this Bandh Call

The Bandh call taken by Kannada Okkuta President Vatala Nagaraj is not going in pace with the Kannada activists. They have questioned Vatal Nagaraj and expressed their anger – “Did he take our consent before giving a Bandh call on January 25? We’ll not support it as our intention was to pressurize Narendra Modi towards Mahadayi issue. Two Bandhs in 11 days will definitely cause a lot of inconvenience to the public, who are now upset. “ (As reported by TOI).

Bandh in Bengaluru

It is said that Narendra Modi has canceled his visit to Bengaluru which was scheduled on January 28 owing to the Central Government budget meetings. Kannada activists feel that a Bandh on January 25th has no relevance and calling the same on February 4 is simply an inconvenience to the public.

Do you think that calling Bandhs will really solve the problem? Is it time to move away from these Bandhs and go for other means to reach the Common Man’s voice to the Government? Please share your views in the comments below.

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