Rumor Or Real? The A-Z news of Child Abduction in Bangalore

child abduction in bangalore

There are various types of crimes that instill fear in the minds of common people and make them angry. Molestation, rape, kidnapping of children are few among the crimes. The result is often violence, in its worst form. In the olden times, it was a challenge to catch the culprits. But with technology having reached the zenith, the law enforcers (our own Bangalore Police) can catch them easily. But yes, bad news spread like wildfire. And when it is concerned with children, the inevitable happens. For the worst. There is a famous proverb – A mob has many heads but no brains. True, to the dot. Period.

In Bangalore, all sorts of messages, even in Whatsapp are getting circulated about the abduction of children. On Wednesday, the city saw the highlight when a person was lynched by a mob in Bakshi Garden suspecting him to be a child trafficker. Videos of dismembered children, person holdings sickles over bodies of children are in circulation in few areas of Bangalore such as Anjanappa Garden, Cheluvajipalya, Giripuram, Anandapuram etc.


Child Abduction in Bangalore

Why do people believe the rumors?

The situation is perfect. It is the school holidays. The children go to play outside. The father goes to work, while the mother takes care of household duties. The mothers find it difficult to restrain the children in the home. When a child kidnapping video comes, it is the womenfolk who become cautious and alert.

Worse Situations

It seems that the videos are circulated from Telangana and Tamil Nadu (Tiruvannamalai). In some places, some people have lost their lives due to lynching by mobs. Another person lost his life in Palaverkadu area.

Child Abduction in Bangalore

But what are the real facts?

According to News Reports, the video which shows the two bikers kidnapping a child was shot in Pakistan. The educational video was released in Karachi a year ago to educate parents regarding child traffickers.


Bangalore Police

The Cyber Branch of the City Police has already issued warning statements against persons who spread this kind of messages. The trouble mongers may be booked for criminal action. The City Police have ensured that beat constables go to the localities where rumors are spread and pacify the residents.

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