Bangalore May Get A Second Airport On Bangalore-Mysore Stretch

According to a recent report submitted to the Karnataka government, if the proposal is accepted and all goes well, Bangalore may probably get a second airport!

Even as Kempegowda International Airport keeps adding to facilities and features, hoping to make air travel easier for people in the city, a recently-submitted report by Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) points out that the airport will face capacity constraints within a decade, in spite of the second terminal.



Anticipating this as well as Bangalore’s economic growth pattern, demand potential and other specifics, the report presented to the state government chalks out the need for a second airport in Bangalore. Proposed to be on the stretch between Bangalore and Mysore ideally, the second airport will hopefully help air connectivity and facilitate future growth in places like Mysore and Hassan.

Having chosen the Bangalore-Mysore corridor for the project due to its well-developed road and rail infrastructure, the BCIC has reportedly urged government authorities to have an early start with the project. As per the report, the proposed location is somewhere between Ramanagara and Channapatna. Explaining further, a BCIC official said, “The current airport’s location to the north is working out for the time being, but as the traffic volumes grow, the airport itself will become a key contributor to the traffic challenge.

Without a second airport, these challenges will get worse.” The new airport is also intended for industrial expansion outside Bangalore. While the news of a possible second airport is exciting indeed, the proposal is yet to be accepted or confirmed by concerned authorities.