All Of Shankar’s Movies Have Same Story; Sudeep Responds to Criticism Of Rangitaranga Remake

Kannada star Kiccha Sudeep opens up on his film Vikrant Rona being compared to Anup Bhandari’s previous Rangitaranga. The actor gives an example of Tamil director Shankar to explain the situation.

Sudeep opens up about Rangitaranga 2 debate

Superstar Kiccha Sudeep’s film Vikrant Rona, which is being touted as yet another pan-India phenomenon, has mixed responses from the audience. While some praised the director for the story, some called it Rangitaranga 2. Several audiences were unhappy with the fact that the film carried the same theme as Anup Bhandari’s previous one.



While speaking to ‘News Alert’ Sudeep spoke about the same and said he has no problem if people call this film to be Rangitaranga 2. “If you have seen Shankar and his movies, you will find a lot of resembles in every movie he makes. Films like Gentleman, Shivaji, Anniyan, and Indian; all have carried the same theme which is giving a social message or fighting against corruption. But all had different stories,” said Kiccha Sudeep.

People’s perspectives

Further speaking about Vikrant Rona being compared to Anup Bhandari’s previous Rangitaranga. The actor feels that he has no problem if the story carries the same essence until and unless the story is different.



“If people think this film is Rangitaranga 2 then I have no problem with it. But, is the story similar to the first one? No!!”, said Sudeep adding, “If Anup Bhandari has created the film and carries some similarities with his previous, then I have no issues with it. We did not try to hide this from people.”


“As long as people love my film, I don’t care if people call it Part 2 or 3 on anything else. It’s all about people’s perspectives and we should respect the same,” said Vikrant Rona actor.

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