After Lockdown, Possibly It’s Seal Down in India: 10 Things to Know about Seal Down

seal down in india

The 21-day lockdown that was imposed throughout the nation on the 24th of March is set to end on the 14th of April. Speculations about the extension have made the most noise in the week. There is also talks about a ‘seal down.’

A seal down is a lockdown with stricter rules. The seal down was first imposed in the Rajasthan town, Bhilwara. Here are the 10 things you should know about the Seal down.


Educational Institution to be Shut

Like the lockdown, all educational institutions will be shut across the state. The educational institutions have been shut since March and are likely to continue. Online learning will be encouraged.

All Government Offices to be Shut

Government offices that are given permission to function during the lockdown will be asked to shut when the seal down is announced.

No Human Interaction

Human Interaction will be minimized. No one will be allowed to come outside the house. The main agenda of the seal down is to restrict human contact to the very least.


Courtesy: Bloomberg

Door-to-door delivery of essential

The essential commodities like groceries, vegetables, fruits, and medicines will be delivered to the door of the residents. Residents will be asked to place the order through the phone. The government itself will deliver the commodities.

Essential services also shut down

In the lockdown, as a part of essential services, banks, and other services are functioning but in a seal down, all the essential services will be shut. The private offices that have been allowed to function right now will also be asked to shut down.

No transport

All kinds of transport will be banned. Currently, while there are private vehicles that are allowed with an essential services pass but in a seal down, no vehicles on road will be allowed.


Region Isolation

Hotspot regions in a city or district will be identified and will be isolated. No transport between two hotspot regions.  It is being called geographical quarantine.

Tight Security of Police

The Police Security on the streets will be expected to be stricter and more police force will be deployed to restrict any form of mobility.

Coming out on streets Punishable offense

If someone is seen on the streets, violating the rules, will be punished under the law.


Random Testing

In a seal down, the government will be expected to do rapid and random Testing in order to isolate COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients.