Bengaluru Seal Down: Here Are The Five Plans K’taka is Planning To Contain the Spread


As per a report in Public TV, the chances of Bengaluru city getting into a seal down is high. Every day for the past week, the city has been reporting over 120 cases of COVID-19.

The cases in the city have been spreading rampantly in the city. The infection has been found in Police officers, transport workers, and doctors. This has put the government in deep worry. As per a report, some of the ministers in the cabinet have suggested to Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa to lock the city down for a period of 15 days. The suggestion has been placed to the health minister too. Chief Minister Yediyurappa has dismissed the possibility of locking down, instead, he has asked to look for other options.


The Five Plans

In regard to this, there have been 5 plans that the state government has in front of them. The cabinet is expected to have a meeting on Thursday to discuss these 5 plans. Those 5 plans are as follows:

  1. A Curfew to be imposed all over the city from 7 pm to 7 am every day.
  2. A Plan to impose a curfew from the evening of Saturday to Monday morning, every week.
  3. A partial lockdown in affected areas.
  4. A complete lockdown in affected areas.
  5. Only roads of the affected areas to be sealed down.
Bengaluru COVID
Courtesy: The Hindu

The reason the cabinet is suggesting a seal down is that the city is reportedly running out of beds and ambulance even as the cases continue to increase. The Victoria Hospital is apparently full. There have been cases in the commerce, labor, and transport sectors too. Reportedly, as per the cabinet suggesting seal down, it is costlier to treat more patients than bear the expense of the lockdown. Every day, the city is seeing an addition of 50 containment zones. The number of containment zones as of now is 501. The biggest worry, however, is to resist community transmission.

On Wednesday, the state crossed 10,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and the city crossed 1,000 active cases. The city reported 173 fresh cases on Wednesday. A total of 1678 cases of novel coronavirus have been reported in the city to date. Out of the 173 cases on Wednesday, 73 of them have no contact or travel history and 71 have Influenza-like illness symptoms. The city amounts to over 30 percent of the active cases in the state.


Source: Public TV