Bengaluru Lockdown: Bengaluru To Be Completely Locked Down Again For A Week From Tuesday

The Karnataka State Government, after much deliberation, has decided that lockdown will be imposed in the capital city of Bengaluru. Starting from Tuesday, the lockdown will be for a period of one week, as per the preliminary reports.

Cases on the surge

In Bengaluru, the COVID-19 cases are on the surge. Almost every day, the city is hitting the 1000-mark, and as per various reports, the city is also running short of ICU beds. Taking all of this into consideration, BSY and his team have arrived at the lockdown decision.


Bengaluru COVID
Courtesy: The Hindu

Lockdown from Tuesday

It is said that the lockdown will be imposed from Tuesday night. A window is likely to be provided for purchase essentials before the lockdown gets imposed. The lockdown will only be for Bengaluru Urban and Bengaluru Rural districts. Traveling to Bengaluru and traveling out of the city will be restricted completely.

Till now, the government had maintained the stance that the city would not head for a lockdown. However, with rising cases, the government was left with no chance but a lockdown. Rightly so, the government has been made official today.

The time is important for the city to recover from the surge. Also, the government must utilize the time to plan effectively if cases happen to rise even after the lock down,


Source: Public TV