A Year After Pulwama Attack, Martyr’s Niece Wants To Join Forces To Serve The Nation

It has been a year since the horrifying Pulwama terror attack shook the nation. The plotted blast by terrorists, killed 40 army personnel, leaving several injured. After all this, a 17-year-old niece who lost her uncle in the attack wants to join the forces to serve the country. The brave girl said that she wants to follow her uncle’s footsteps even if that would lead to making the supreme sacrifice for the nation.

Ashwini Kumar Kachi from the Central Reserve Police

Ashwini Kumar Kachi, the 40 CRPF personnel, got martyred during a violent terror attack in Pulwama in the state of Jammu and Kashmir on February 14, 2019. The surprise attack by a Jaish-e-Mohammed’s suicide bomber left the nation in shock and anger.


Jaish bomber Adil Ahmed Dar, 20, crashed an SUV filled with heavy explosives into one of the buses that carried 35-40 army men. A total of 40 were killed in the attack and several were injured.

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Ashwini Kumar’s parents were concerned about his marriage and had almost chosen a girl with whom they planned to get him coupled. They were waiting for the next time he came home on a holiday. But unfortunately, that holiday never came and he got back to his family, wrapped in the tricolor.

Ashwini had to take care of his family; two aged parents, two brothers one elder and one younger to him and a sister. His father Sukru Prasad Kachi has about 2.5 acres of land and used to roll ‘beedis’ with his entire family in extra time to enhance his income. Ashwini’s more beloved elder brother Suman Lal Kachi runs a hardware shop while his younger brother Awdesh Kachi is jobless.


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“The promise was fulfilled as we were given Rs 1 crore by the government, but they withdrew on the commitment of giving a government job to the family. My younger son Awdesh is unemployed but he was informed that the government did not have any job for him as he had not completed his education,” Ashwini’s father Sukru Prasad reported to India Today.

A proud mother 

Ashwini’s mother Kaushalya constantly remembers her second son’s sacrifice quite often. As per her claim, Ashwini was the one who intended to bring honors to the family. “We all are poor and we had to struggle a lot for the survival, who would have identified us but for the supreme sacrifice of my son?” she suggests.

The family got all that was due to Ashwini Kumar from his bosses on time and now there is no connection with the CRPF. His niece Priyanka, who is said to be 17-year-old, nevertheless, wants to follow her uncle’s footsteps, even if that would lead to making the supreme sacrifice for the country.


“Usually he used to talk about the supreme sacrifice of a soldier and the body coming home wrapped in the tricolor. But he never knew the same would happen to him”