Defence Ministry rejects a film script on ‘Gay Soldier’ by Onir

National award-winning filmmaker Onir submitted a script to the Defence Ministry to make a film on a Gay soldier, inspired by the true story of Major J Suresh.

It is a law that if there is any character in a film based on Army personnel then the script of the film requires a NOC or No Objection Certificate from the Ministry of Defence.
This script has been clearly rejected and the reason given is that it is illegal to show army personnel as gay.


In response to his submission, the filmmaker received an email that stated that the ‘content has been examined, analyzed and rejected’

He took to Twitter to express his disbelief and disappointment on the same.

Referring to the films he has made, the filmmaker stated that he could make films on such subjects back in 2005 when homosexuality was still criminalized in India Here, he also stressed the status of equality in regards to serving the country.


Two of his finest works include My Brother…Nikhil and I Am. I Am has won him the national award and recognition across various film festivals of the world.

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