A Cow Shows Incredible Footballing Skills And The Internet Is Going Crazy Over It

If you ask any football followers their favorite player, the answer would be either Messi or Ronaldo. When the entire world holds a debate between these players, somewhere in Goa, India people are cheering a cow who is playing football. A recent video is going viral showing a cow playing football with some boys like a pro. The video shows the cow holding the football under its legs and keeping the boys at check like its no big deal.

Cow shows some good football skills

A cow is seen participating in a football game has gained immense popularity online, drawing appreciation of the cow’s footballing skills. It can later be seen hanging on to the ball, while other players attempt to retrieve it from her without irritating her. After one of them somehow manage to get hold of it, the cow becomes actively involved in the game, chasing the ball wherever it goes.


The clip shows the boys having a good time as they try to retrieve the cow, which, the animal is determined on having it as its custody. Therefore, the clip shows the cow running after the football in a brief second as another cow watch their game from distance.

People came out with hilarious reaction on Twitter