8 Things you need to know about the Mekedatu Project

The Mekedatu project/dispute has made it to headlines and this time it also looks like it will be a big scuffle between the two rivals, BJP and Congress. The Karnataka Congress under the leadership of DK Shivakumar has undertaken a Padayatra that will put pressure on the Govt both at the center and the state to the start of the Mekedatu Project. He has emphasises that the Govt needs to undertake this project soon as this in benefit of the people of Karnataka.

Here are 8 things you need to know about this project:


  1. Mekedatu is a Kannada word and literally translates to the leap of a Goat. It is a deep Gorge located at the confluence of the River Cauvery and its tributary Arkavathy.
    CM B S Yediyurappa to chair key meeting on Mekedatu project, says Bommai | Deccan Herald
  2. Cauvery is the fourth largest river in South India.
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  3. The project if undertaken would cost the Govt about 9000 crore Rupees.
  4. If the project is undertaken, over 60% of the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary which is about 4500 acres will be submerged.
    Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary Archives | RoundGlass | Sustain
  5. The project accelerates deforestation and results in habitat loss for many animals.
    Environment Ministry notified the ESZ for the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary | Deccan Herald
  6. The state of Tamil Nadu stands in firm opposition for the same as it lies in the lower riparian region and if Karnataka builds a project, they will lose out on the water.
    Mekedatu project: Step back and think | Deccan Herald
  7. Karnataka will not get the benefit for drinking water but also the project will allow for water to be used for irrigation and this has been opposed by Tamil Nadu.
  8. Experts are of the opinion that the project alone will not be able to suffice the need of the evergrowing population of Bengaluru and the Govt needs to adopt more sustainable approaches for the same.

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