No More ‘Tiger of Mysore’, Karnataka Textbooks To Get ‘Less Glorified’ Version Of Tipu Sultan

Karnataka School Textbook Review Committee altered the lessons on Tipu Sultan and other historical aspects from classes 6, 7, and 10. ‘The 18th-century Ruler may not be Called as ‘Tiger of Mysore’

No more a ‘Tiger of Mysore’

In a move to end the adoration of Tipu Sultan in books, a review committee set up by the Karnataka government has decided to do remove the content that glorifies the 18th-century Mysuru ruler.


Headed by Rohit Chakraatirtha, a writer and member of the Kannada Development Authority (KDA), in its report submitted to the state government a few days ago, suggested adding more content about Rani Gaidinliu, the Naga spiritual, Mysuru Wadiyars, Venkatappa Nayak of Surpur dynasty, and other rulers of the state.

“We have recommended adopting a neutral tone while teaching history to our students by removing unnecessary glorification, factual errors, and deviations. It is not only in the case of Tipu but in respect of other historical events and personalities also. For example, Tipu is called Mysuru Huli (Mysuru Tiger). But nobody knows who gave him this title and in what context”, said Chakraatirtha.

BC Nagesh, Karnataka Minister for Education affirmed that they have received the report and has asserted that the government will enforce the suggestion in the report from the next academic year after discussion. “I will soon address a press conference to reveal details about the report”, he told.


Opposition’s objection 

After this move, opposition leaders and several academicians were left surprised by the act. Congress leader DK Shivakumar reacted and said that Tipu Sultan is a part of India’s history and history can not be altered.

‘Tipu can’t be removed from the history textbooks just because he belongs to a minority community.

In an attack on the BJP, Shivakumar accused the Karnataka government was trying to ‘modify history’ and added that Tipu Sultan fought against the British for India’s freedom.


Further attempting to defend Tipu Sultan, the Karnataka Congress President also said that the President of India Ram Nath Kovind had hailed Tipu while he was addressing the Karnataka assembly during his visit.